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Birthdate:Jul 18

[AGE] 23
[SKILLS] Hand-to-hand fighting, jujitsu, taekwondo
[OCCUPATION] Waitress; usually at Ye Olde Bar (often Hooters, because.)
[PORTAL CREATION] Ability to create wormholes, portation "discs" or other spatial portals (visible or not) for transport between two non-adjacent locations.

Chloe can make portals (or wormholes) of varying size to appear in other places (and sometimes, times). The size depends on who or what she intends to send through said portal. The bigger the portal, the more energy it requires.

For example: To make a small portal from one room to the next and hide a candy bar (a favorite past time as a child), would take very little thought or effort. To make a large enough portal to drive a Mack truck from a city on one side of the country to the other would cause her to sleep away the entire day.
[Chloe is an original character set in the X-men: First Class universe, though her timeline can be in 1962 or 2011. Not Kate Bosworth. Not a mutant. Muse/Mun/PB all over 18.]
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